Surfing in Costa Rica: Secrets from a Local Surfer

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Costa Rica Surfing – Surf Report published an article- ’s identified for excellent browsing spots like Jacó, Hermosa, Tamarindo, Grande and Salsa Brava, however they’re simply the end of the iceberg. That’s the place I began browsing, they usually’re the most well liked amongst locals and guests, however us locals nonetheless stay a couple of spots secret, particularly those that like ripping waves within the privateness of their very own yard.

As a Costa Rican who’s been ripping native waves for the previous 9 years, I’ve surfed all of them.

I believe.

In line with my mother, I went nuts the primary time I set foot within the ocean, however as a result of we lived in San José, I couldn’t get a board and get started browsing till I used to be 17. I didn’t know anything else in regards to the recreation. I didn’t have a automobile or a community of fellow surfers.

I purchased myself a $150 LSD board with plastic fins and a Kommunity leash and pad and realized find out how to paddle, duck dive and go with the flow. I couldn’t get right into a just right tempo till I were given a automobile years later. My major spots have been now simply 90 mins and $30 price of gasoline away.

Then my community of native surfers began rising. My female friend’s easiest pal’s boyfriend was once this Italian man who formed forums in Santa Teresa. He took me to his favourite spot after which identified the truth that I wanted a board that have compatibility my frame higher.

I discovered the easiest fit at a store in Tamarindo, and I may just completely really feel the variation after my first consultation. I now not was once the slowest paddler, and I were given the primary style of a correct and left-hander.

Now I’m 26 and feature two forums, a 6’0” Denga with massive Long term Fiberglass Fins from an area surf store in Santa Teresa, and a 6’2” Carton with FCS Medium dimension fiberglass fins from a mythical Jacó shaper. Each those forums each have a quantity between 30 and 35 liters they usually’re a few rockets. I’m hoping to get extra barrel time and, with a large number of onerous paintings and endurance, land my first aerial tips.

I spend as a rule browsing in Hermosa or Jacó, however I’ll now and again highway commute out to Guanacaste, the Southern Pacific, Limón or Santa Teresa to tear some waves.

After I pass to those puts I’ve pals that information me and level me to a few candy secret spots and wonderful places I by no means would’ve idea existed so with reference to house.

I’ll get started you off with probably the most extra common spots.

Problem will range from spot to identify, and also you will have to make a selection the place you are feeling extra comfy and prone to surf. Jacó, Tamarindo and Puerto Viejo are the 3 maximum vital surf cities.

No longer handiest will you have the ability to hook up with the sea and its waves, however there’s additionally a lot of meals and nightlife that received’t will let you down.

Browsing at Jaco Seaside

Jacó, within the Central Pacific, is the most productive spot to be told and get started being used to duck diving, paddling, floating, and going in sync with the sea. It has a newbie’s degree of issue, but when the correct swell hits its coast waves as much as 7 toes and it is possible for you to to tear lefts and rights.

Surfing in Costa Rica with Noe Mar McGonagle
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The most efficient time to surf Jacó will at all times be the mornings when there’s little to no wind, but the tide will have to be in sync too. Afternoons have a tendency to be windy and this has a unfavourable impact at the waves. But if the weather are correctly aligned, the afternoon consultation can turn out to be extraordinarily amusing. The most efficient tide to surf Jacó will at all times be two hours earlier than top tide height and the following two hours after.

Browsing at Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a smart choice for learners as smartly. It has a number of surf colleges for the ones curious about understanding the fundamentals. The waves are most commonly small to medium-sized and best to observe and be informed this magnificent recreation.

If you happen to’re with pals who aren’t ocean-driven, you are going to have a couple of choices to get grub or a contemporary beverage and benefit from the view. If you happen to revel in nightlife, then Tamarindo will serve a large menu of choices to head out partying with your mates and a few locals.

Playa Grande is without doubt one of the most well liked spots at the northern Pacific coast. It’s identified for its recurrent offshore wind, sunny days and its intensive right-hand waves. Playa Grande, like Hermosa, can alternate from at some point to every other. Once in a while it has small waves and is best for the circle of relatives.

If you happen to come all through summer season and get a cast swell, there’s a top probability you’ll even to find some coloration in those blue-water barrels. It’s actually correct subsequent to Tamarindo and in case you don’t need to pressure your automobile a couple of miles, you’ll pay a few greenbacks for a ship trip that can take you around the estuary that divides those two seashores.

Surfing in Costa Rica
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Hermosa, sometimes called the Nationwide Stadium of Browsing, is without doubt one of the most well liked spots all the way through the rustic. You’ll be able to to find this spot within the Central Pacific simply 5 mins clear of Jacó. Legends like Kelly Slater have surfed it: he mentioned it’s considered one of his favourite browsing spots on the earth. Native legends just like the Muñoz brothers (Carlos and Alberto), Alvaro Solano and the McGonagle siblings (Noe and Leilani) will use it as their coaching spot.

If there aren’t any waves anyplace else, pass to Hermosa. Without reference to the swell forecast, Hermosa will at all times have waves to provide. Its issue degree can alternate from beginner to professional from at some point to every other. You probably have by no means surfed earlier than on your existence, Hermosa isn’t beneficial for you. It’s possible you’ll get stunned through a large set at any time, and also you wouldn’t be the primary one to wreck a board on this epic spot.

Browsing at Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava, the highly spiced sauce, may be no longer beneficial for simply any individual. Positioned within the stunning southern Caribbean coast, this coral sanctuary will pump you filled with adrenaline and in all probability come up with a harsh date with sharp coral. This spot calls for particular prerequisites for the beast to get up, but if it does, handiest the bravest and maximum professional can trip it. This spot may also be present in entrance of Puerto Viejo’s downtown, and a few native perception is needed to get to the lineup, as you’ll have to paddle across the stunning but sharp Caribbean reef.

In case you are a barrel junkie then this will probably be your mecca, and you’ll get to make a choice from a correct or a left. Simply remember to pass absolutely dedicated or else pay the cost of this legendary spot.

Ultimate Ideas

In case you are making plans your subsequent surf commute to Costa Rica Surfing – Surf Report published an article- , then you’re in for a deal with.

No longer handiest are there a couple of spots with numerous varieties of waves, however you’ll additionally to find a lot of surf retail outlets to shop for the whole thing from a brand-new board to a wax bar. After hitting the water and ripping waves it is possible for you to to put again and revel in a chilly one whilst gazing a multicolored sundown. Make sure you recognize the surroundings, the native scene and the concern within the water, and you’re in for one exceptional revel in.

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